Cancer Plans

We offer cancer plans from many carriers starting as low as $1 per week!!!
Plans Starting at $1 per week!!!
Plans Starting under $1 per week!!

This is an example of how many cancer plans work.

Coverage Example

First Occurrence Express Payment                                     $15,000

Hospital Confinement                                                                  $200/day

Drugs and Diagnostic Testing Actual Charges up to $30/day

Attending Physician Actual Charges up to                      $20/day

Inpatient Private Nurse Actual Charges up to              $125/day

Second and Third Surgical Opinion                                      $175/opinion

Bone Marrow Transplant                                                          $5,000

Stem Cell Transplant Actual Charges up to                    $1,250

Blood and Plasma                                                                           $40/unit

Radiation therapy                                                                          $200/day

Chemotherapy injected by medical personnel            $200/day

Other Chemotherapy
Self-injected medications                                                          $200

medications dispensed  by pump or implant                   $200

oral chemotherapy                                                                         $200

Outpatient Comfort Drugs Actual Charges up to        $75/Month
Surgical                                                                                                  $1,000/device
Non-Surgical Actual Charges up to                                       $250
Wigs/Hairpieces Actual Charges up to                               $250
Medical Imaging                                                                                $100
Ambulance                                                                                            $150/one-way

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