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How Would Your Worker Happiness Measure Up?

How Would Your Worker Happiness Measure Up?

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Mika Kim, Chief Happiness Officer at Place of the Future LLC, provided insight to attendees at the 2015 Corporate Wellness Symposium on the ten performance outcomes for measuring wellbeing in the workplace.

Pharell Williams’ Happy video tapped into what we all want – happiness. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet our road to happiness often hits detours, both in our personal and professional lives. Place of the Future works towards achieving greater wellbeing for you and your employees. The tool they developed for measuring employee wellbeing is the Worker Happiness Index.

Measuring Happiness

In 2012, the United Nations launched a global movement with a goal of human happiness and wellbeing of all life on earth.  In keeping with that goal, Place of the Future developed the Workers Happiness Index.

The Workers Happiness Index assessment expands on the essential elements identified for the personal wellbeing of your employees. It measures ten performance outcomes and thirty-eight indicators across four business outcomes – productivity, employee retention, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

The following are the ten performance outcomes used in measuring wellbeing in the workplace.

  1. Psychological wellbeing – measures employees’ sense of purpose at work
  2. Health – assesses the promotion and attainment of healthy work styles
  3. Time balance – weighs the balance between work and allocated time for enjoyable activities
  4. Community vitality – includes external community (giving back to the community) and internal community (trusting the people at work)
  5. Social support – reviews team building efforts and the effectiveness of those efforts
  6. Culture – considers how well companies support professional growth for workers
  7. Environmental quality – reviews initiatives for preserving the environment, such as alternative working arrangements to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from work commutes
  8. Organizational structure – evaluates the workers’ trust in the operations and governance of the company
  9. Material wellbeing – gauges workers’ financial security at work
  10. Work – determines the level of autonomy workers have in the workplace

As a nation, the United States moved from number 17 to number 15 of 158 countries measured in the World Happiness Report. One of the findings from the 2015 report revealed a common theme that the quality of surrounding social norms and institutions strongly influenced all measures of wellbeing.

The workplace impact on personal and organizational health are intricately connected. Do you know how your workplace measures up? What questions do you have on wellbeing measurements?

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Source: How Would Your Worker Happiness Measure Up?